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Founded in 2009, ECO FAWN has led numerous successful campaigns that have produced real change, both in HYDERABAD and across the nation. 


We are an environmental conservation organization with a mission to protect the natural world for future generations. As the global population continues to grow, so does our impact on nature. Our vision at ECO FAWN is not simply for healthy forests or restored habitats; it's for people who live within these landscapes, for wildlife species that depend on them, and ultimately a planet that thrives as a result of our work together.


​ECO FAWN has worked with partners, communities, governments and global companies to create solutions for preserving our planet’s natural heritage. ECO FAWN seeks to make a difference through creativity and innovation. We are an independent organization with no political or religious affiliation. Our work focuses on three areas:


Protecting forests from conversion into agricultural land; 
Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from deforestation and forest  degradation; 
Preserving biodiversity of plants and animals around the world.



Our mission is to deliver measurable business and environmental 
results through innovative solutions. We have partnered with leading corporates and governments to provide solutions that address sustainability challenges across industries

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